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About Paula Tropiano

Paula has a special interest in working with key healthcare professionals to increasing their professional effectiveness. Over the course of many years working in and coaching and counseling healthcare professionals, she understands the nature of the business and its complex conditions. She helps key professionals and managers to become more adaptive and skillful in navigating ongoing change in an ever-evolving system.

As a healthcare professional (Licensed Professional Counselor) having built her career in various clinical settings and industry, she understands that these terms mean something unique and different to the healthcare professional and his or her respective organization. Healthcare professionals and administrators face challenges unique to their professions. Many healthcare professionals have joined larger health systems and are facing the changes and challenges of learning how to interact and collaborate with others, and work within business parameters of a super system – All the while dealing with an increase in patient complexity, larger caseloads, tight reimbursement guidelines and threat of legal repercussions.

Paula advocates for professional coaching and development for health care professionals in support of their professional effectiveness and career longevity. Through skill development, higher quality service becomes possible while upgrading efficiency, treatment outcomes and reduction in liabilities.

Paula is the owner of Integrated Treatment Solutions, LLC where she provides in-depth diagnostic assessments, behavior therapy and coaching to licensed professionals and executives presenting behavioral, addictions and occupational issues. She is also an Employee Assistance Professional providing consulting services to a Fortune 100 company.