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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PRWEB) November 11, 2014

Many of today’s professionals go to work struggling to function normally, despite their health and mental health challenges. How should an employer handle a key professional staff member who starts to exhibit questionable, unprofessional conduct that is out of their norm? Where does an individual or organization go for help and get resolution, discretely and cost effectively?

Integrated Treatment Solutions – which provides assessment, individualized behavioral counseling and addictions treatment in the Greater Philadelphia area – is pleased to offer CARP (Comprehensive Assessment and Referral Program), a unique solution which helps employers and employees navigate together through a multidimensional outpatient assessment service delivered at a convenient location and packaged in a “pay as you go” pricing structure.

CARP works toward an equitable solution between employee and employer, which aligns with employment law – including the ADA – avoiding an intimidating legal process. It strives to diffuse tension in the workplace, improve health of the individual, and provide a plan for a positive work/health strategy going forward.

CARP was developed jointly by Marilyn Howarth, M.D., Lead Medical Professional conducting occupational health examinations and related medical activities and Paula Tropiano, a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Co Occurring Disorders Professional, and Director of Integrated Treatment Solutions. Howarth and Tropiano joined forces in 2014 to address today’s questionable behavior and its impact on employees and their workplaces.

As a multispecialty team of healthcare professionals, CARP assesses and addresses the employee’s complex behavioral and health presentations which impact or contribute to personal / workplace disruption and productivity, by providing goals and a plan-of-action to achieve those goals for both the employee and the employer. This is done while keeping the morale and productivity needs of the workplace environment in mind, minimizing disruption to practice and business schedules and procuring resources while maximizing confidentiality. It enables the employee to stabilize and progress, while instilling accountability and ownership of the process in the employee by encouraging active engagement in their treatment and work plans, and finally maintaining or returning the employee to full employment when possible.

CARP offers many benefits to both employers and employees if they take action early in the process. Otherwise, employers can expect to incur a variety of costly liabilities, including:

  1. Expense of employee replacement.
  2. Loss of unique skills
  3. Loss of key investigators included in grants, proposals and new product research.
  4. Threat to credibility and prestige.
  5. Threats to brand and market position of organizations.
  6. Reduced productivity, dissatisfied consumers.
  7. Increase in legal fees and related expenses, including time dealing with lawyers instead of work related initiatives.
  8. Diminished financial health of the business.
  9. Damaged professional careers.

The fee for the CARP core assessment is $3,500. The fee includes:

    Initial case review with the referring party.
  • Collection and review of all relevant medical and workplace information.
  • Baseline screenings for substance abuse and mental health issues.
  • Drug testing with medical review.
  • In-depth psychosocial assessment.
  • Comprehensive occupational health medical examination.
  • Debriefing with the participant employee.
  • Summarization meeting with referring organization.

Because each evaluation is customized to meet the needs of each situation, total evaluation fees may vary based on the additional services. Services outside of the core assessment will be determined and arranged. Additional consulting can be arranged as a separate option.

CEOs, Human Resource Professionals, individuals and organizations seeking help can obtain more information at— or call (610) 692-4995, email Howarth and Tropiano are also available to make presentations for groups of Organization Leaders, Professional Monitoring Organizations, Safety Groups, Human Resources Organizations, Healthcare Professionals, and Legal Practice Groups.

“Over the last 15 plus years of seeing professionals presenting crisis within the scope of our respective careers and clinical roles, we noted how many of our clients often present multiple issues involving, medical and mental health, as well as addiction – very similar to the TV portrayals of Dr. House or Nurse Jackie,” stated Tropiano. “Treatment is often focused on one problem but at the expense of others. The presenting issue is only the tip of the iceberg. A multidimensional perspective is needed to ensure accuracy in diagnosis, treatment planning as well as work design and accommodations. Dr. Howarth and I got together to develop a program to fill the need for this multidimensional perspective – we call it CARP.”

“High functioning professionals often under-estimate the impact that their medical, mental health or behavior problems cause in the workplace” notes Howarth. “Employers find themselves juggling complaints of co-workers and subordinates and the loss of productivity with constraints on what they can do posed by the ADA and other employment laws. I have found that employers who let these problems go unaddressed have much larger problems and costs in the long term.”

“I have provided a broad variety of human resource services over the last 40+ years to businesses of many sizes, and the issues related to employees’ ‘unprofessional conduct’ have been one of the toughest to tackle because there has never been a one-stop solution like there is now – thanks to CARP,” stated Richard Lukesh, CMHR, Your Part-Time HR Manager, LLC. “CARP is the first comprehensive solution I have seen, applicable to all types of professional employees – from executives, physicians, lawyers, engineers and those in client facing and safety sensitive positions. I am now referring clients to Paula Tropiano and Dr. Marilyn Howarth in need of addressing issues related to issues related to improper conduct at work in order to maintain workplace harmony while helping their key contributors.”

ABOUT INTEGRATED TREATMENT SOLUTIONS Integrated Treatment Solutions specializes in behavioral interventions; helping people and organizations make positive changes in the interest of improving health, performance and well-being. Using a whole-person approach ITS’ programming is integrative, skills oriented, and holistically based.

ITS is located in both Philadelphia and Chester County regions of southeastern Pennsylvania, but meets with and services clients across the Greater Philadelphia area into Northern Delaware. For more information, view, email or call at 610.692.4995.