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Evaluation for Professionals at Integrated Treatment Solutions

Comprehensive Assessment and Referral Program (CARP)

Evaluation for ProfessionalsThe Comprehensive Assessment and Referral Program is designed for anyone needing a thorough diagnostic evaluation. Historically, we have evaluated licensed professionals, but entrepreneurs, executives and others can also benefit from the process.

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Our multi-specialty team assesses complex behavioral problems or suspected impairments are impacting the functioning of a professional and make recommendations concerning appropriate solutions. Our goal is to identify problems impacting the contributing to the circumstances and to resolve them; to maintain or return the individual to full and optimal employment when possible.

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The assessment may be used in response to symptoms including:

  • Unfamiliar or sudden changes in behavior or functioning
  • Suspected mental health, substance abuse or other psychiatric disorders
  • Questions of impairment related to changes in job performance
  • Complex fitness-for-duty evaluations involving behavioral or mental or physical health concerns
  • Impulsive/ problem behavior and boundary violations.
Our multi-specialty team identifies and responds to potential medical, behavioral and addiction related concerns promptly and precisely in order to prevent progression of presenting problems and further escalation of financial, legal and health related consequences.


The assessment is performed to minimize disruption to practice and business schedules, procuring resources while maximizing confidentiality.

Evaluations are conducted on an outpatient basis utilizing one of our offices or designated healthcare sites.

We strive to conduct intensive diagnostic evaluations efficiently within the timeline needed. In order to accomplish this goal we ask clients to complete a preadmission process that includes:

  1. Furnishing of all pertinent records, complaints, orders, etc.
  2. Urine, blood, breathe or hair/nail testing (if needed)
  3. Completion of a self-report questionnaire, including a detailed description, by the client, of the events that led to referral
Other team members include:
  • Occupational Health Physicians
  • Board-Certified Psychiatrists and Addiction Psychiatrists
  • Licensed and Certified Behavioral Health and Addictions Professionals
  • Licensed Psychologists and Neuropsychologists
  • Medical Review Officer

Who is the Client?

Self-referred Clients – There are many reasons why an individual may seek out a comprehensive assessment or treatment. They may recognize that they have a problem and will seek help on their own with no encouragement or consequences put forth from an employer. They may have seen other’s experience negative fallout and wish to prevent such costly outcomes for themselves by being proactive and eliminating the possibility of performance or behavioral difficulties which may erode one’s professional career and livelihood. Click here to submit an inquiry.

Corporate Referrals – When the behavior of a highly valued exceptional performer becomes erratic or disruptive, employers or business partners can suggest an intervention such as the Comprehensive Assessment and Referral Program as preventive strategy for the negative and drastic consequences which usually follow diminished performance and professionalism. Click here to submit inquiry.

Clients may be referred by:

  • Business partners
  • Educational institutions
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Employers
  • Individuals / self-referred
  • Labor unions
  • Lawyers and mediators
  • Professional monitoring programs
  • Professional organizations
  • State licensing and certification boards

The Process

The evaluation process is a separate service from other counseling or treatment services provided by Integrated Treatment Solutions. Evaluations are conducted on an outpatient basis from one of our designated health services locations in the Philadelphia and surrounding counties. When someone is referred for evaluation we do not assume that they have a particular problem or require a particular solution. Evaluations can be educational opportunities resulting in better insight into problems or issues and include a choice among a number of solutions.

CARP Flow Chart

Assessment may include; some or all of the following:

  • Review of Collateral: Interviews, Medical and Workplace Information
  • In-Depth Psychosocial Assessment
  • Substance Abuse Screening Inventory and Mental Health Screening(s)
  • Drug Testing and Medical Review
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Occupational Health or Medical Evaluation
  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Psychological / Neuropsychology Testing

Service Options:

  • In-depth psychosocial assessment with review of initial collateral - materials deemed important to understand the nature and extent of the problem.
  • Core assessment protocol; collateral review, psychosocial assessment, and occupational health exam followed by comprehensive integrated report by consultation with the participant.
  • Core assessment (as defined in 2), plus additional services, including but not limited to psychiatry, psychological/ neuropsychological assessment and medical specialist care.
  • On-going case monitoring as determined between participant and/ or referral source and Integrated Treatment Solutions.

The Comprehensive Assessment and Referral Program provides:

  • Written comprehensive report with a multidimensional description and evaluation of the problem behaviors including the risks the participant may (or do) pose in performing his/ her job.
  • Diagnostic summary based on the team’s assessments
  • Recommendations for a Comprehensive Continuing Care Plan; accompanied with options and resources.
  • Collaboration with employer/ organization to facilitate transition planning.


The fee for the core assessment is $3,500.00. Because each evaluation is customized to meet the needs of every client, total evaluation fees may vary based on the additional services. As a result, total fees may be significantly higher depending on complexity. Services outside of the core assessment will be identified and arranged within our network of resources.

It is our goal to strategically utilize resources and not to repeat or add diagnostics or related services which are not deemed necessary. As the assessment is not a managed care product, the possibility for reimbursement is limited. Every effort will be made to utilize private insurance for diagnostics and related clinical resources, when possible.

Further consultation is available as needed and may be arranged through Integrated Treatment Solutions.

Please contact Paula Tropiano at (610) 692-4995 or for information concerning fees.