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Solutions at Integrated Treatment Solutions

Three Key Life Changing Solutions

Integrated Treatment Solutions offers three key life changing solutions addressing both personal and professional concerns made available to individuals and organizations.

Our services can be tailored to fit presenting needs and delivered in a number of formats including: Assessment, Individual Consultation or Counseling, Intervention, Group Work and Consulting Services.

1. Evaluation for Professionals

Evaluation for ProfessionalsComprehensive Assessment and Referral Program is designed for anyone needing a thorough diagnostic evaluation. Historically, we have evaluated licensed professionals, but entrepreneurs,executives and others can also benefit from the process. Learn more about this solution.

2. Behavioral Counseling and Addictions Treatment

Integrated Treatment Solutions provides education, skill building and counseling for those recovering from substance abuse (including eating / food), mood, compulsive behavior and process addictions. Clients learn how to make healthy and lasting lifestyle changes. Learn more about this solution.

3. Education and Development Services for Healthcare Professionals

The Philadelphia Healthcare Project (PHP) provides organizational consultation and training services to the healthcare industry in the mid-Atlantic region aimed at improving professionalism in healthcare. Services are developed and delivered through the Project’s interdisciplinary team comprised of highly experienced professionals whose careers have focused on the health care industry. Project members include physicians, lawyers, behavioral and organizational development professionals. Learn more about this solution.