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Four Cornerstones of Integrated Treatment Solutions

Clinical Integrity

We believe that all clients have a right to a thorough assessment and an accurate diagnosis. Precision allows for client education, engagement and effective treatment planning with the responsible use of financial, medical and human resources.

Treatment Efficacy

We believe in the use of evidence-based practice methods with focus on quality. We believe in having a staff that maintains currency in practice and is appropriately credentialed and dedicated to our clients’ progress.

Client Resourcefulness

We believe that our clients have the capacity to collaborate in their health care and to participate in decision-making about their options. We believe that they have valuable ideas, awareness and insights to contribute about what it best for themselves – that they have goals and objectives for their health. Each client has their own process of change along with different learning styles, and they will come to identify their own standard of wellness and method to maintain it.

Ethical Conduct and Practice

We believe that each decision regarding our client’s must have their best interest in mind — that each individual is unique in their strengths, as well as their challenges and vulnerabilities. That clinical decision takes these factors into account in their work with us. We acknowledge the importance of confidentiality and are aware of the law and an individual’s rights to personal privacy. We practice non-harm and treat our clients and one another with respect.