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I’m interested in identifying the developmental frames that may influence a specialty physician’s communication of healthcare options to out-patients over 70 years old presenting life-threatening or chronic illnesses. I postulate that there are a limited number of common frames held by physicians that are currently stifling their ability to discover new courses of action in environments that have little similarity to traditional healthcare delivery models.

As our modern health care delivery system continues to evolve, physicians are faced with unprecedented challenges. They must work within system complexities created by increasingly nuanced patient profiles, an aging patient population, tighter financial constraints, and more litigious environments. Do physicians need to adjust their mindsets to respond better to the individual needs of geriatric patients while adhering to structural parameters of an organization? If physicians should, then how so?

And how can coaching help physicians identify those limiting developmental frames that impact their clinical and organizational effectiveness? How can coaching help physicians to develop a flexible mindset that balances two coexisting and sometimes competing for needs?